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Blue Foundry Bank| In-Bank Video Series


Blue Foundry Bank, an up and coming banking and personal finance institution headquartered in New Jersey, needed a new in-retail video campaign that described their products but which also brought to life their tag line, "Where things are made."

Our team led the creation of a collage based visual palette and visual language for the videos. We interpreted high level scripts into stories with central characters, a visual arc and a theme. We story boarded each individual video and then directed a graphic designer to translate each scene and storyboard into a layered graphic file which we then produced with a team of animators.

Our final deliverable consisted of 12 videos, each a unique visual exploration of a core product. 


Creative Director 

Visuals & Design

Script and Story

Animation Direction

Animation Production


Creative Direction

Art Direction


Animation Direction


Motion Graphics

Animation Production

Sound Design

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