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Google Cloud | Accelerate 2020


Accelerate 2020, a four day event for 7500+ attendees, took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Accelerate is Google Cloud's largest internal sales and marketing conference and is used to set the vision, tone and align on the go to market objectives for the coming year. 

Partners, sponsors and internal stakeholders came together from all corners of the globe to share a full week of education, inspiration and entertainment and were treated to engaging interactive installations, electrifying live performances, insightful speakers and a rousing headliner at T-Mobile Arena.

The creative team directed and managed all aspects of development, design and execution of the event experience from concept inception to completion including the direction of the video crew and an overnight editing session to create a sizzle real documenting the event that was used to kick-off the closing concert.


Event Creative Lead

Creative Director


Creative Direction

Team Management

Journey Programming

Event Branding


3D Environments

Content Creation

Event Documentation

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