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Heineken | #Spyfie - First Selfie from Space


To celebrate its partnership with the iconic James Bond film franchise, Heineken unveiled the world's first selfie from space, dubbed the "#Spyfie."


Over 200 lucky VIPs, competition winners, partners and members of the media from around the world were able to join Dave Bautista in Las Vegas to embark on an immersive theatrical experience as a spy, culminating in the world's first selfie from space and a VIP "Green Carpet" premiere screening of Spectre.


As the Creative Director, David was responsible for all aspects of the attendee experience from the immersive theatre concept, to devising and writing the scripts as well as casting and directing the immersive theatrical experience that spanned two days.


David also designed the activities and programming of the event, directed the design of the content, the design of the branded environment and the design of the physical installations.


Creative Director

Creative Lead


Creative Direction

Team Management Immersive Theatre

Script Writing

Theatre Direction

Journey Programming


Social Media 

Event Branding

3D Environments

Content Creation

Event Documentation

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