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DockerCon & DockerCon EU 2017, DockerCon 2018


DockerCon is Docker's largest event, a four day developer conference focused on all things related to Containerization. 

As the Creative Director and Lead for the Docker account, David was responsible for every aspect of the conference, from determining the overall creative strategy and approach, developing the event brand, to designing the environment, physical installations and creating content, opening moments, transitions and interstitial elements for the Keynote.

After leading the pitch to win the Docker work, David helped craft an experience more focused on community, by leading the effort to integrate and design a modern, technology-based networking solution, finding creative ways to engage attendees and raising the creative quality and production value of the experience across the event. 

David led design and strategy sessions with the internal team as well as with the client to create a vision for every facet of the attendee journey. He directed and managed all aspects of creative development, design and execution of the experience from project planning and resourcing, to concept inception all the way to overseeing the onsite execution.


Creative Director

Creative Lead


Creative Direction

Creative Strategy

Creative Team Management

Attendee Journey Mapping

Keynote Opening Moment

Keynote Interstitials


Event Branding

Content Creation

3D Environments

Event Documentation

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